Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Random Act of Kindness, Taking in the Garbage Can

I am so touched by this that I had to share it with my blog readers.  Some of you know me on a very personal level, others not.  For those of you who do, you know that one of my least favorite things in life to do is take the garbage out and bring the can in from the street after they pick up the garbage.  Don't ask me why, its such a little thing actually - its just one of those things for me.  It's one of life's little things for me I guess, like changing light bulbs.

Two weeks ago, I drove into my driveway on a cold, Monday night after my workout at the gym to discover that someone had taken my garbage can in for me? I thought perhaps my neighbor had done it - sometimes in the summer he would do it after he cut my lawn. I made a mental note to thank him the next time I saw him outside.

This week, I discovered that it wasn't my neighbor - but a dear friend who was my "garbage can angel."  I was pulling out of my driveway, on my way to the gym and there he was, my dear friend who stopped on his way home from work to take my garbage can in for me.  He knew how much I hated this chore!

I was at the end of my driveway, knowing that if I stopped the car I would be late to meet my trainer.  I did anyway!  I got out of the car, walked up to my friend and gave him the biggest hug I could and said "thank you."  Because really, what else describes the gratitude I felt and how much my heart wanted to cry just knowing this person went out of their way for me, "just because."

The tears well up in my eyes as I write this because in this crazy world where people oftentimes do not remember that we are all still people - with the same heart, lungs, hands, feet as each other - we are no different than one another - just each on our own journeys.  We all need to be loved and to love no matter who we are or what our occupation in life is. 

I would encourage all of my readers to do some random act of kindness for someone, no matter how small - like taking in the garbage can.  You will have no idea how much you will have touched someones life!

With Gratitude and Love,


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