Friday, March 10, 2017

A Friends Visit at 3am

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I have been so touched by this since the day it happened that I truly needed to share it. You probably think that this would be a story of a friend who knocked on my door unexpectedly out of the clear blue.

But no , that isn't what happened.

A long lost lover ?


Instead this is a story about true friendship, love , caring.

Last weekend I came down with THE WORST stomach flu that I can remember. It came out of nowhere after having a wonderful evening with a dear friend of mine downtown.

I literally threw up almost every hour starting at 9 or 10pm. I had the chills and I was sweating all at the same time. My cats had no idea what was going on!

I tried talking activated charcoal with some applesauce as I swore this was food poisoning!

Well, that didn't work so well!

I drank some water to keep hydrated and that was the wrong thing to do!

By the wee hours of the night, my body was truly exhausted and I started to feel faint.

Yet, my stomach just kept on with it's violent attacks.

For the first time in my adult life, I was afraid to be alone , fearing that in fact, I would pass out , I felt that sick. What would happen if I did pass out? Would I hit my head? Who would find me? What about my cats? All these fears kept racing through my mind.

I called for help. And my girlfriend Angie - answered right away.

I could only stay on the line for a brief moment as my stomach once again raged on.

I crawled from the bathroom to the kitchen and made it to the door to unlock it for my friend to get into the house.

She arrived somewhere between three and four in the morning.. I can't recall.

And she sat with me . We watched HGTV and commented on which house the person should buy.

She brought me some water as I threw up yet again while she was there.

Finally, through sheer exhaustion. My eyes drew heavy and sleep was calling.

And my girlfriend continued to sit with me.

She sat with me until she knew I was going to fall asleep and that it was safe to go.

I did sleep, not for long, but I did.

The stomach flu continued its ugliness through the next few days, but my heart was so full of gratitude and love for my friend.

I will never forget this act of kindness in the middle of the night, when fear gripped my mind.

I am crying as I write this for the love my friend showed to me. Truly I will never forget what she did for me.

Sometimes all we need is a friend.


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