Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Rhythms of Our Lives

This past week has been quite a time of reflection for me.    My mind has been lost in the light of the night sky and some of my favorite music by Sting and The National.  I have needed them to take me to the place beyond this physical world, to give me reassurance that there are rhythms to our lives and that there is a formless substance working on our behalf.  I often wonder how life operates on the non-physical  plane and how the order of the Universe comes together to create the events of our lives.

This painting called Rubric Rhythm by Juanita Hagberg gives me a visualization of these thoughts.

As a writer, how do I express in words, this feeling of desire to relax into the ethereal rhythms of music? To step away from the world after a time of great growth and some intense challenges and bask in this meditative state of mind. I have found that it takes great courage to be selfish enough to say no the people and obligations of our everyday lives to recoup, rest and rejuvenate oneself.

Life's rhythms are oftentimes intense, then quiet, chaotic, then peaceful, Much like music, they repeat themselves. Hopefully we learn a little more each time and become a more sculpted version of ourselves.  And maybe, just maybe, we will begin to appreciate each cycle.

On this last day of a beautiful, late summer weekend, I hope to grab a few more hours of solitude, immersing myself in the sunshine and ethereal tides of music.


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